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Welldone Distribution Ltd. is a Importer, Marketing & Distribution Company in Bangladesh.

Our Imported Brands

1. Crunchos, UAE.

2. Tayas, Trukey

3. Santa Sophia, Turkey

4. Wellchoco , PRC. , etc.

Best Food

Produces Zero Trans Fat & Zero Cholesterol Potato Chips & Nuts because we care for our customers.

Exporting Worldwide

One of our main goals is to export worldwide offering its unique taste at reasonable prices.

About Us

Welldone Distribution Ltd.

Welldone means life, and we stand for the taste of life. Every day we’re sending out this taste all over the countries with our numerous food products of different categories, including snacks, confectionery, baked items, biscuits, and so on. We’re one of the largest Import, Marketing and distribution companies in Bangladesh and are admired by millions of people.

We have the capacity to supply a good number of products to support our clients. We are confident that we can ensure the highest quality of products and competitive prices.

Mr. Nazmul Hasan, CEO, Well Done Trade International has devoted itself to the betterment of society and the environment. That’s why we’re continuously extending our help to the communities and finding ways to reduce our environmental footprints to achieve greener earth.

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35, Bijoy Nagar (1st Floor), Dhaka-1000,Bangladesh

Phone : +8801612966887, +8801841996687

Email: wdtint@gmail.com

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